Monday, 20 July 2015

Ooh la la ... what fab leggings!

I love this pattern! Evident through the large number I've made- I think the count is at 5 at the moment, with at least 3 more planned.  Don't worry they aren't all for me! Like all Papercut patterns they come together easily, with nice and clear instructions! 
I really recommend this pattern (All of the Papercut ones really!) 

I started off with a pair in an amazingly warm wool/polyester stretch jersey that was on special at The Fabric Store.  The fabric looks kinda weird actually - shiny on one side - with a really obvious "grain?" on the other, but its super warm and has enough thickness to it that you don't have VPL - happy days :) . 
Next up was a mid-length pair of course in a ridiciculously bright fabric - This was alot firmer, but still fitted really well . Both pairs have got ALOT of wear, so when my sister mentioned she needed more tights/pants .... BAM... I made her two ... and myself one more ;) 
The pair for me was out of (an even firmer) ponte from spotlight -  with hindsight its probably too stiff for sports pants, but I was going for more of a workpants kinda vibe, and also widened the ankles so it still is a win in my books!
I also have lots more requests/wants so have some fabric lined up!  

I wear these ALL THE TIME -  in fact I'm wearing them right now as I'm typing ;) 
The bright pair clashes beautifully with my rain jacket!
And I think the topstitching in yellow is awesome
MUSTARD - because why not!
Stack of tights! The top two are for my sis -  another in the grey wool/poly and a navy ponte.

If you squint you may notice the back two (for my sister) have low fronts -  I tried to make them maternity friendly! I'll get her to report back how they are going! 

MORE! going for more ridiculously bright fabrics this time!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mallori Lane by Madalynne

Have you seen Madalynnes blog? Pop on over and have a look as she has a gorgeous aesthetic, and even better just released a FREE pattern for a bra I have been lusting over!
I just love the straps on this pattern!
I started off making a black version (you might recognise  fabric from the stash) to test the fit. I have a 34 inch bust, so I made a Small version.  I was a bit creative with my construction as the instructions were a bit hard to follow -  the pattern is aimed at those who are familiar with bra construction. I used a fairly firm jersey (with a good recovery) from tessuti and lined it with black powermesh,  I used two layers of the powermesh for the bottom band.  I shortened the bottom band after trying it on as it was quite large! almost reached my belly button ;o.  Its still a comfy fit, but i thought would be better making everything a bit smaller.
My second version was an XS - I think the fit is just perfect!  I used a beige stretch lace over a ridiculously synthetic waffle stretch as the lace was very itchy! For the bottom band I reversed the order and put the lace in the middle layer - I really like that you can still see the pattern! Again I lined everything with powermesh.
Very happy with how it turned out! I'm thinking sparkles next time :)

Its not actually wonky! just how I put it on dear Agnes!

Me-Made-May 2015 summing up.

We made it! I went everyday in May wearing at least one "me-made" item (admittedly one was a self made bra - but it still counts... no?)
It was actually a kind of challenging month as I spent most of the days in the lab- hence my usual skirts and dresses had to stay in my closet! 
My colette clovers got a good workout- however I really need to make them longer, as cropped pants and safety boots look weird (admittedly safety boots look weird with most things!)
My black scarf necked cardy and ridiculously colourful Linden top (pattern) also had numerous repeats. 
Whilst I noted a massive demand for more netties in my life (wardrobe), Possibly in more neutral colours,  you may have noticed my love of all things bright- Makes me a bit fluorescent sometimes...
But the winners were my ooh la leggings- I wore them most days as I rode to work or played netball (and even wore them as pants a few times 😉).   These remain unblogged, as I made two pairs in april (and have been slack lately in the blogging department)
I'm trying to work out what fabric to make them out of next as its quite a quick fun sew - but I don't really need 3 pairs!!
How did your MM-May go?
Recognise this fabric?  This pair fits so much better than the other pattern I used

I made these out of a poly/wool blend from The Fabric Store that was on special... Ridiculously cosy!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Watson Bra

I said I would never go so far as to sew my own underwear-  
But I caved... 
The catalyst was seeing the prettiness of the Watson lingerie set from Cloth Habit
This was certainly a fun/time consuming project,  I definitely had lingerie on the mind for a few weeks as I tried to get all of the material and notions.  Since collecting everything I've found that Measure Twice, Cut Once has lingerie kits - would absolutely recommend them as its quite a hassle to find everything in Australia!
I fudged the sizing a bit the first time - too small, the second was getting better, still had to add some in the back, whilst the third was spot on! I'll let the lovely Agnes model these rather than putting pics of myself in a bra on the internet ;o 

The Watson Bra and Bikini from Cloth Habit!  I love how bright Amy's samples are!  

I love a bit of mustard! This is the second one (the first one that turned out!) I made, the cradle isn't lined so its not that secure, (not that it really needs to be on me!) but the stretch lace does have some nice strength to it, so I think it worked well.  I changed around the straps and added a panel in, also really screwed up the hook, not sure why its so gappy,  but I am learning as the third one was PERFECT! (if I say so myself!) 

The back is pretty messy!
I made the third one using a combination of black mesh (for the back), a rather stable jersey (you might recognise it from the Tessuti Challenge last year) and some cream lace (which was ridiculously itchy so I ended up lining the panel with some bone coloured jersey).
Finally the back is perfect!

I love the mixed fabrics! This version is much more stable (due to the jersey rather than lace no doubt!)

Lining the lace panel made it a bit messy! But absolutely worth it - Soooo itchy otherwise!
I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out,  neither are perfect but I have learnt loads! This might just be the gateway drug to bra making.  Who knows what will be next? 
Have you cosied up with Watson? 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Linden Sweatshirt

So it turns out that I'm fairly predictable, in that 9 times out of 10 I will choose the brightest fabric in the store.  This ridiculously orange cotton jersey was definitely part of the majority.
It was kinda painful to cut out - sooo bright it hurt the eyes! The pattern I used is the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline studios,  I seriously adore Jens patterns, they are always spot-on and so practical!
The top came together really easily, I sewed a size 6 at the top, drafted out to a 10 on the bottom, it was a fun 2hrs,  even though I was fighting with my overlocker the entire time - its so temperamental lately  - telling me it needs a service!!
I just overlocked, turned, then sewed down hems on the arms and bottom .  For the neckline I overlocked the neckband in, and topstitched it down.  The cotton jersey was such a dream to sew with!  It will be interesting to see how it holds up with the lots of wear this top is going to get!
Have you got friendly with Linden yet?

Linden (View B) and a Mabel skirt

Pretty Pretty matching Nasturtiums!

Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios,  I made the second one - Really like how it falls!
Close-up of the neckline details
Not a particularly flattering view on dear Agnes.  looks better when it was ironed :)