Thursday, 13 June 2013

Divine Darling Ranges Dress

I FINALLY made a dress with this pattern, its been sitting in my stash for about 18 months! I even got fabric for it about 6 months back. The fabric is a lovely soft cotton with little dark pink dots, I was pretty excited I found some little buttons that matched the dots perfectly!

When I finally committed and cut into the fabric, it went together really quickly! The pattern design is pretty simple, the skirt is rectangular and there are no specific sides for the sleeves. I suspect it will be robust enough to handle some interesting alterations as I've seen popping up on the internet.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

'Mazing Maritime shorts

This is the second Grainline Studio pattern I've used, second to the awesome Tiny Pockets tank pattern.

The fabric is some beautifully thick cotton I bought in Japan last year.
 A Japanese friend of mine told me that the quality of fabric that can be sold in Japan has to pass really strict quality control in terms of dying and weaving.
  I made sure I washed it nice and hot anyway (too used to Aussie fabric), I just love the bold colours.

The Maritime shorts are a dream to sew -the instructions are really easy to follow! Even the fly- which I have had trouble with in the past!
This was the first time I have tried to match patterns - Pretty happy with how it all turned out!
I only had to alter a couple of parts of the pattern, due to an odd shaped bottom ;).  It was pretty easy to take in the back and the waistband to make it fit nicely!
Would definitely recommend this pattern!