Thursday, 13 June 2013

Divine Darling Ranges Dress

I FINALLY made a dress with this pattern, its been sitting in my stash for about 18 months! I even got fabric for it about 6 months back. The fabric is a lovely soft cotton with little dark pink dots, I was pretty excited I found some little buttons that matched the dots perfectly!

When I finally committed and cut into the fabric, it went together really quickly! The pattern design is pretty simple, the skirt is rectangular and there are no specific sides for the sleeves. I suspect it will be robust enough to handle some interesting alterations as I've seen popping up on the internet.

I used the pattern pretty much straight as it was (only doing my normal alteration for a petite torso).
I would love to do this in a slightly heavier fabric, and maybe add some pretty pintucks down the torso or some dart details on the shoulders (like here! )
 The dress is nice and casual, it has pockets, and I can even ride a bike in it! Thats a pass with flying colours!

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