Monday, 5 August 2013

Stupendous Spent Grain

Dried Spent Grain
In recent weeks I've been settling back into a brewing routine, unpacking fermenters,  bottles and finding  good home brew stores in a new city!

After some batches using partial or all grain mashs I was left with about 15kg of every brewers conumdrum… spent grain.

A friend mentioned making falafel using the wet (straight out of the mash pot) grains and the internet provided the rest.
Spent Grain Flour - Isn't it PRETTY!
How to Make Spent grain Flour:

  • I dried the grain (in two batches - vienna malt and chocolate malt from two different beers) in a low oven (~70'C) - this was definitely the hardest (read: LONGEST) step.
  • Then whizzed it up in a coffee grinder and VOILA … Spent Grain Flour!

The main thing to consider when using spent grain flour in recipes is:

  •  It doesn’t include any gluten (because its from barley),
  • Contains quite a bit of sugar (as the conversion and rinsing is never 100% when your brewing), 
  • Contains lots of fibre (from the unhulled grains)
 Its great for recipes where you want a short, crumbly effect, combine it with other flours, or use another agent to stick everything together (like egg, or butter). Mine has a yummy malty and caramel flavour!

 The Brooklyn brewshop has lots of quite delish recipes using spent grain.

I've made the "Spent Grain Thin Mint Cookie" recipe twice now - it works really well with the spent grain from the "Whitehouse Honey Porter" - lots of dimensions of chocolate goodness!   

The "Peanut Butter Cookies " are also cracking- as are the "Spent Grain Chocolate Almond Biscotti" (no piccies of these as they were tooo delicious and I wasn’t quick enough!)

Give it a go with normal flour for the non-brewers in non-"thin mint cookie" lands!

Happy Baking! 

 Thin Mint Ingredients 

Flour - Raw Dough - Finished!

Finished! (icing always hates me so ignore the horrific icing pics! The taste is more important anyway)

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