Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bountiful Buttons

I recently downloaded a copy of 'Reloved' magazine- it has lots of pretty pictures and some fun crafty activities (treading the safe side of the line between 'crafty' and 'too crafty' aka 'getting eaten by your cats after you inhaled too much glue and glitter').
I loved the idea of Button Pictures, so with my massive stash of uber colourful buttons  and my boyfriends hot glue gun and I got to work. 
Btw- hot glue guns are way too much fun- I have had to implement a self imposed ban as I caught myself contemplating, after everyone else had gone to bed, what else I could stick buttons to...
Anywho I 'buttoned' the initials for our house inhabitants to act as impromptu mailboxes near our front door!
Definitely a fun midweek activity - or as my boyfriend calls it "Hipster craft attack!". 

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