Sunday, 29 September 2013

Vertical pallet gardens

Limited garden space? Why not go up? 
We have a lovely little courtyard out the back of our  rented terrace- pity it doesn't get a whole lot of direct light on the ground, but a corner is delightfully sunny!.   There's been a lot of internet activity on pallet gardens so we decided to give it a go.. 

What do you need to make one too? 
Shade cloth (You could use Hessian but I was worried it would rot in our climate)
Staple gun (and many many many staples! )
Newspapers or rags

Cut the shade cloth into rectangles slightly larger than the pocket you need- fold the cut edges under and staple to the flat surface of the opening. Take the other side and staple that to the inside back panel. The edges can be folded in nicely and then staple the crap out them! 
When nice and secure- lay some shredded paper/cardboard/rags in the bottom of the pockets. You want to do this to keep some moisture in as the shade cloth drains really well, otherwise you will need to water like twice a day!  Then add some nice soil and plant away! I added some wetting agent as I knew the soil I was using tends not to retain moisture well! Then two weeks later you have....

I'm pretty excited everything has germinated and is growing nicely in the 3 weeks since they've been planted! The tomatoes are going to grow over the top and hang down over the sides- while the cucumbers will grow up! I'll add some tacks and tie them as they grow! 
Here is what I've planted! 
I just made a third the other day and planted lots of lettuce seed! Yumm. 

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