Sunday, 10 November 2013

List Making

Is it just me, or does the less time you have to sew - the more you think about it?
Do those ideas every swirling around in your head just need to be released or else they build up and force everything else out?
As you may guess - its exam time!- rather than focusing on seiching, activated sludge or macroeconomics
- my mind always seems to wander back to my piles of fabric and unfinished objects... Sometimes you just have to scratch that itch!

Grainline Archer shirt- I'm up to attaching the collar and am pretty excited with how it fits so far!
Bombshell Dress- the cups are all basted in next comes the lining and zipper!
Green wool skirt - Due to the unseasonally (horrendously!) hot weather this predictably hasn't progressed!

New patterns waiting to play!  - Why I insist on hoarding patterns I will never know- I think its the anticipation of seeing sometime evolve from paper to garment!
Colette - Zinnia 
République Du Chiffon - Margot
Thread theory - LOTS ( the boy has put in a couple of orders!)
Colette- Laurel (okay so I have used this pattern before- but its a pretty awesome basic no?)

In the past weeks I have sneakily finished some projects - just wait until its a nice day and I can get some pics! In the meanwhile here are some fabric previews.
Some pretty awesome cotton from Ghana
Geometric silk blend!
Black Brocade (amazingly synthetic but still cool!)
Do you find yourself always thinking about your next crafty endeavour?

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