Monday, 2 December 2013


Okay so I'm not sure if its still called a Kanga if its from Somalia rather than Kenya but it will do for the moment -
I am ridiculously, absolutely, emphatically, excited with how this dress turned out!
I got the fabric last year when we went to Lamu in Kenya, it came as a double panelled Kanga and again I have been nervous about cutting into it.
The print wasn't quite straight on the fabric grainline so I had to be really careful about choosing which bits to cut out!

Look how skewed the pattern is at the bottom!
But it lined up in the end!
The pattern is Laurel from Colette patterns - I really really love how versatile this pattern is! This will be the first of many!

No fingers!
What a fluke that this pattern matched over the zipper!
Disguised pockets!!

Top Back detailing

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