Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Goodness, My Garden

As I was perusing this blog the other day - I noticed the post I wrote just as I had finished the vertical pallet gardens -
Hasnt it grown.

The main challenge is to keep the water up as it has been so damn hot! Seriously Australia- calm down with the sun already!

I've been thinking about what else to plant - having a ridiculously small backyard means we are limited in what is space (and effort) efficient to plant.
Some winners that we love are:

Rocket (grows easily, quickly and you can eat it in everything!)
Lettuce (we pick leaves as we need them - I like Cos the best!)
Tomatoes (as you will never get tomatoes from the store as nice as those you grow yourself)
Beans (If you pick them regularly you get heaps!)
Asian greens (keep the water up and they will take over everything!!)
Kale (to keep the hispter street cred)
General herbies such as Parsely, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme
Oh and of course Passionfruit! (its pretty much a weed!)

I'm trying some cucumbers and they are very slowly getting bigger (fingers crossed!)
Carrots are a bit pointless in pots, but are fun anyway!

What veges do you think are the best for the inner city?

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