Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year!

The thing I love about the New Year is anticipating all the things to come, all those crafty projects progressing into things that are tangible!
A friend of mine showed me the pledge that Pip from Meet Me at Mikes has proposed for 2014 at breakfast on New Years Day. I love this idea and am excited to give it a go - I pretty much make most of my clothes already- but I like the thought of raising awareness of choices we have when it comes to fashion.
There are so many aspects of consumerism that lead to environmental degradation that it is nigh impossible to live sustainably, considering all the choices we have to make each day (Have you ever tried to go shopping using "Shop Ethical"? Very time consuming!).  However fashion is something that with a little bit of thought and not much extra effort we can make some important choices to make it sustainable.  I'm not going to go into sustainable and ethical fabrics as that's another can of worms!
So 2014 can be amongst other things, the Year of Ethical Fashion - Woo YOEF!  Wanna pledge too?  My friend has already given me a dress that doesnt fit her - so six days in, its progressing well :)

So far this year (the 6 days of it!) have been productive crafty wise!
With the boyfriend away, I can play in his uber cool shed and whipped up a thread holder (whilst learning the merits of pre-drilling nail holes).

Made an incredibly easy yet practical earring holder, using a hot glue gun, picture frame and fly screen. 

and a (possibly extremely tacky) pot plant from a light fitting (just added a perforated plate in the bottom to stop the soil falling through, and some cuttings from a friends garden!).    
For Christmas the Boyfriend gave me lots of sewing accoutrements, the Drape Drape books and Sew Chic. So excited I have already made a dress that I am very much in love with and it only took me 5 hours (stupid zipper).  I have grand plans to churn out some more, picture to come rest assured!!

Hows the New Year treating you so far? 

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