Saturday, 11 January 2014

Meat Week - Day 1

And so Meat Week Begins!
I love learning how to make things! Whether its finding out about the history and methods of making cheese to researching the parameters needed to make a really good coffee, I love finding out how to make foods at home! I think it really makes you appreciate what your eating if you know how difficult it is to make or how important quality ingredients are!
Over Christmas I was looking over my Mums cookbooks and I found a recipe for Chorizo in the Movida cookbook – It looked so easy that I started thinking bigger! Bearing in mind that Mum has a meat grinder and sausage filling attachment the plans grew still!
The internet is a wonderful resource – this website in particular by Len Poli from Sonoma Mountain Sausages is great to refer to with enough scientific depth to be believable (and helpful!). 
So taking advantage of my Holidays and with some Cure#1 and Cure #2, a variety of casings as well as 6kg Pork meat, 2 kg Pork Fat, 3 kg Beef and 2 kg Lamb and my Mums amazing kitchen it began. 
 Day 1     
Having never made sausages I wanted to start small getting to know how the stuffing and grinding process worked!
Lamb Sausages: We cut up a 2.6kg leg of lamb- getting about 2kg of meat- we left the fat in and didn’t add any extra in!  We minced it on the coarsest setting and then added wine and rosemary according to a neighbours recipe until it stuck to your hand when you held it upside-down!  We stuffed it into collagen casings (omg they are soo easy – no presoaking or anything!) et voila!
We had some for dinner and they were yummy! As there wasn’t much fat they could have the tendency to dry out but we cooked them carefully and they were delicious! (and healthy!).

Freshly made lamb sausages
Bresaeola: This possibly delicious smallgood I made according to Lens recipe from Sonoma sausages . I used an eye fillet as I found a lovely small one rather than a HUGE sirloin! Starting weight of an eye fillet – 840g  - it was trimmed of fat and sinew/tendons and split into two pieces. Added a cure of   - Salt, Sugar, Cure #2, Rosemary, Juniper, Thyme to the pieces and popped it in the fridge
Chorizo: I used the recipe from the Movida cookbook
Batch 1 – For Fresh sausages
Batch 2 – For dried sausages
- 1kg  pork meat with 200g pork back fat.
- 1kg  pork meat with 200g pork back fat.
Spices: 2.5 tsp fine sea salt flakes
4 tbsps sweet paprika
1 tbsp hot paprika
1 tbsp dried oregano
a handful fresh oregano finely chopped

Spices: 3 tsp fine sea salt flakes
1 tsp salt
4 tbsp sweet paprika
1tbsp hot paprika
3 tbsp dried oregano
1 tsp cure#2
The chilled Meat (2kg pork leg ) and (400 g pork back) fat  where minced with the coarse mincer – then separated into batches and mixed with a kenwood chef with appropriate spice mixes. – Let me tell you the grinding is so much easier if the meat and fat it chilled/frozen prior- The batches were filled into collagen casings, tied off and refrigerated.
We had some of the fresh chorizo for dinner as well – we were a bit disappointed with the flavour profile (next time we will fry a little of the meat/spice mixture before we stuff to check!) it wasn’t very strong and kind of just tasted like pork sausages! We will still try and dry the batch #2 – Following this recipe from  (you guessed it) Sonoma Mountain Sausages!
Chorizo hanging to dry

Tommorow heralds more sausages - but interesting ones such as Potatos, Pepperoni, Cheese and Mortdella! 
 Any hints or tips are welcome!

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