Monday, 13 January 2014

Meat Week - Day 2

I think I possibly got a bit carried away today - quite sick of mincing pork!- But now its all minced and filled or curing in the fridge.

So todays programme included:

Michigan style potato sausages - 2kg:
We had some of the potato sausages for dinner and they were surprisingly delicious considering they are made from mostly raw potato and onions!

We altered the recipe slightly using all chuck beef rather than a mix with pork.

1.2kg Peeled and sliced potatoes (presoaked in citric acid and water)
340 g sliced onions
460 g sliced chuck beef
3 cloves of garlic
20 g salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp ground allspice

Everything was minced together though a 4.5mm plate- I drained some of the liquid off as they potatoes were certainly juicy! Then we filled some collagen casings quite loosely with the mix!  We cooked then in a tray with a bit of water in the oven - turning at 20 minutes!
You would never guess they were mostly potato- surprisingly delicious! will definitely add these to the list to make again.

Pepperoni - 2kg and Mortadella - 1.5 kg:
The Mortadella and Cooked Pepperoni were made pretty much according to the recipes-
We then cooked both strung up in our oven at 80'C with the fan on - which certainly sped up the cooking times! It looked like a little deli in there!
Pepperoni and Mortadella ready to cook in a 80'C oven - 1

Pepperoni and Mortadella ready to cook in a 80'C oven -2

Kasewurst - 1.5kg:
 When we were halfway through the Kasewurst we finally ran out of the collagen casings so moved onto the sheep casings - he he mini sausages!  We used some gouda cheese mum had made,  that was a bit harder than usual, so would be a good replacement for the emmenthaler that the recipe called for.  These look a little gross with the chunks of cheese but I imagine when cooked they will combine a bit more - We are trying them in the next few days so will keep you posted.

29/1/2014 - I cooked some of these delicious creations last night, steamed first for 15 minutes and then finished them off with a bit of pan frying.  Cheesy goodness.
Cheese sausages

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