Monday, 13 January 2014

Meat Week - Day 3

After the frenzy that was yesterday, today was much more reserved.

We finished the Italian potato sausages- as we were using the sheep casings I had to cut up the potato chunks teeny tiny to fit through the smaller nozzle - Lesson learnt: larger casings next time:)
They do look like proper sausages with the sheep casings though! Collagen ones are so easy to use but don't look as traditional! Think I will still stick with easy though!

We also divided up the previous sausages into portions and froze them, as there is not way we could eat ~10kg of meat in the next few days!

We have been eating the Mortadella on toast- Its quite flavourful with the pepper coming though nice and strong.
Mortadella- As its already been cooked its ready to eat!

While we fried up some of the pepperoni and had it in a tomato based pasta sauce! I think its a winner - sure to be repeated (much later as we have 2kg of it!)
Fried pepperoni pieces

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