Saturday, 18 January 2014

Meat Week - Day 6

Bacon day! The pork belly I injected and corned for a couple of days I deemed ready! After some drying with a tea towel it was time to test my smoking system!
Corning the pork belly
The extremely low tech solution to cold (ish) smoking was using a cardboard box (with a rack suspended on lengths of wood at the very top for the meat) above our little camp smoker box that uses a methanol burner. I used some hickory wood chips and everything now smells smokey instead of Worcestershire saucy!
It worked pretty well! I popped a thermometer in the top to make sure it didn't get toooo hot (The highest I measured was 50'C). After about an hour smoking I pulled it out et voila! Bacon!
'Bacon to be' in the smoking box.
Looks dodgy doesn't it!  Don't worry I kept an eye on it to make sure nothing important caught fire!
Good end result though!
After a bit of frying in a pan - I am now a bacon snob! 
I''m going to have to try another cut next time- the American style is pretty yummmy but uber fatty! Lots of plans! Have you ever made bacon? Are you addicted too?

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