Sunday, 19 January 2014

Meat Week - Day 7

Its time to slow down the meat experiments! I do feel like I've learnt heaps but if I'm not careful I'll spend all my spare time planning what sausages to make next and we definitely don't eat enough meat for that!
But before I sign off--- its still Pastrami time! 
Fishing out the two hunks of brisket I corned for 3 days they didn't appear to have changed much- I dried them off and popped them in my "super professional smoking equipment" that I used for the bacon first. 
Finished with the brine. 
Smoked pastrami with a crust of pepper, coriander and fennel.
I learnt lots about cooking brisket with the first attempt
1. They need longer than 2 hrs at 100'C 
2. The need less than 10 hrs at 160'C ( or more water) 

The outside of the first hunk was a bit dry after the 10 hrs but it was beautiful and fall-aparty inside  (unlike at the 2hr mark where even a dinosaur would have trouble chewing it). 
The next hunk promises to be perfection. 

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