Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pocket-full of Hearts

This was a lovely instant gratification project - the boyfriend was getting back from overseas the next day and I was in a romantic mood so why not make an incredibly corny skirt to wear to the airport? 
I've definitely been going though a jersey phase lately,  having finally worked out the right settings for my machine and also finding how much difference that using the right needles make.   I have had this fabric for years, I think getting it from Rathdowne (oh I miss that place!) when I lived in Melbs.
I drafted (well to be honest more like measured my waist, butt, and legs and then drew them straight onto the fabric) the pattern, added some elastic for the waist band and serged the inside seams. 
I've seen heart pockets before and kinda loved them! 
To make the pocket shapes I cut some thick interfacing the size of the finisehd pockets, and starched the pocket seam allowances under then interfaced directly onto the wrong side holding the seam allowances in and top stiching them onto the skirt. I had a little trim (but not enough to go all around the pockets) so added it to the pocket openings.  This skirt may not be the most robust in the longterm but its fun and playful in the meantime :)   
Its also a fun skirt for Valentines day :)
Teeeny tiny pockets- I can fit a hairband at least!
Deliciously corny!
Very simple profile

Don't look to closely at the dodgy top-stitching ;)

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