Sunday, 16 February 2014

Happy 50th birthday Unikko

About 3 years ago my very lovely boyfriend bought back from Europe some Marimekko fabric- of course it was floral...Poppy!
I loved it so much I was ridiculously scared to cut into it- just pulling it out every now and then, lovingly running my hands over it and rubbing my face on its glorious colours! I'm not weird I swear. 
Whilst having a drool over Marimekkos new line I saw that it's the 50th anniversary for the poppy pattern collection (Unikko)- it seemed a sign to set to work. 
I used the Colette Laurel pattern ( as used for my Kanga dress)- I think it's great for fabric with big patterns as it has so few design lines but isn't a sack!!!
I drafted a facing for the neckline and shortened the sleeves heaps (this was mostly because I didn't have a lot of fabric to play with- sleeves always seem to take up a deceiving amount of fabric!) 
It sewed up really quickly in an afternoon and I hand catch-stitched the facings down leisurely over breakfast the next morning! 
Bit in love...

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Holidays at Home

So it's not really MY home home any more-I love visiting my parents! There's always so many treasures in the garden to explore, preserves to taste and animals to cuddle!
Hazelnuts (teeny tiny ones due to the lack of rain)
Surely that can't be comfortable

After being shorn


Water lillies


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Taking Stock (Feb 2014)

This is one of the homework assignments (Yep thats right, I'm learning lots about blogging!) dreamed up by the lovely Pip from such places as Blog with Pip and Meet me at Mikes.  Designed to as the title suggests to help us take stock of what we are up to, to find where to go!
Home made pastrami and no knead bread

Making : Pastrami and no Knead bread - love love love how easy it all is!
Cooking : Pretzels - and marvelling at the wonders of the Maillard reactions (so deliciously brown)
Drinking :  Delicious homebrew from a friend, yey for beer swaps!
Reading: The "Revenge of Geography" - gosh its a tough read! But I shall persevere 
Wanting: A vacuum sealer - so many fun projects in mind. Sous-vide'd everything!
Looking: At delicious designs on Pinterest
Playing: With ideas of fabric and dress patterns in my mind.
Deciding:  Whether to make lapsang souchong or oolong tea.
Wishing: I was more motivated to go and enjoy the sunshine!
Enjoying: Having time to myself before the PhD journey begins
Waiting: For the above mentioned PhD journey to begin
Liking: the Triple J hottest 100 playlists on Spotify
Wondering: why I have two different colours of nasturtiums in the garden
Loving: My little garden bursting into life
Considering: Whether to get a new bike - gosh damn those Tokyo Bikes are just so PRETTY
Watching: Downton Abbey (Yes Yes I'm behind, enjoying Season 2 so far!)
Hoping: to get away from Sydney early this afternoon- starting the journey to Dubbo
Needing: to step away from my sewing machine
Smelling: My neighbours bbq - smells like lamb :)
Wearing: A floral scout top I made earlier today - Love that pattern
Following:  so many new blogs from the wonderful ladies doing the Blog with Pip course
Noticing: that I only have really weird colours of nailpolish
Admiring: The patterns on Marimekko fabrics
Buying: some salad servers from dinosaur designs for a friend!
Disliking: having to clean the house... ha ha
Opening: Jars of yummy preserves my Mum made
Feeling: sore from a bike ride around that Bay Run I did yesterday.
Snacking: on the Bresaola I made 
Coveting: the Liberty fabric I got for Christmas
Wishing: I were more organised
Hearing:  Dirty Projectors - Love them so much!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

5 bloggers Valentines ideas that are (just a bit) corny, but mostly amazing

I love the love that the crafty community displays over Valentines day! If you want to celebrate the day but not get caught up in the Hallmark Holiday vibe there are so many awesome DIYs!

I made my fella a bow-tie and some skinny ties, as believe it or not he wanted a tie to match a dress I'm wearing to a wedding on the 14th! I was all astonishment!
I'll do a post on the ties after he gets them:) 
But here are some blogs that really got into the hand-made holiday spirit and have some easy projects that you can whip up in the evenings before Friday!
1. Caroline from a blog Made Vibrant has wonderful *FREE* printable valentines cards
2. Amanda on Paper and Stitch has instructions on making Heart Shaped Peppermint patties
3. Vanessa on V and Co tells you how to make a gorgeous  French Knot Heart Pincushion
4. Kate from Sew Kate Sew has a little how-to for gorgeous Animal Pun Valentines cards
5. On Sew Mama Sew there's an easy DIY for Sewn Valentines day cards

Friday, 7 February 2014

Bresaola completed!

My Meat Week adventures came to a close today with the Bresaola being finished! Doesn't it look delicious!

After only 2 weeks hanging in the fridge they lost a total of 50% of their initial weight- I was really nervous unwrapping the first one, they smelt pretty damn good but I was still hoping there wouldn't be any funky microbes on the outside! they were perfect and YUM - going particularly well with a Badlands IPA (fitting as they were both made in Orange, NSW) and a warm afternoon!.  If you wanna make some too - have a look at my previous posts here and here.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bombshell Dress

This dress has been ... ongoing, I won't say how long ago I started it because I don't have to!
In case you didn't recognize the pattern its the lovely Bombshell dress from the Craftsy course by Gretchen Hirsch. Gertie certainly is a god of vintage sewing (well at least explaining it!).  I've learnt ever so many new (for me) methods typical of vintage clothes such as understitching, boning, slipstitching, zipperguards, waist stays, vents and more!
I used the excuse of a friends wedding to really put the hours into finishing this project and with 9 more days until the wonderful day,  I'm feeling excited about wearing it! (when I get the shoes and hat sorted!- February weddings in Dubbo are hot!!).
I had in mind a Tiki-like theme that would work well with the sarong style of the skirt and the cotton my Mum brought back from Japan for me :) ( of course it floral - I am that predictable!).  How 1950's is that! (Quite actually as I googled it ).
So what do you think? Some aspects I will definitely use again - those related to fitting the bodice were amazingly handy! - while I probably won't have the patience for popping in zipper guards again!
Now that its in the final push to being finished I'm already thinking of other fabric and skirt combinations I could use for a second! I must be a sucker for punishment.
 I'll save the pics of it on until I'm all frocked up for the wedding! Yey! looking forward to celebrating with the lovely couple ;)
Pretty button isn't it! Its a bone one my boy brought back from England! Keeping with the vintagey theme:)
This dress is almost prettier inside than outside! First waist-stay!

Inside of the vent- okay this was kinda messy...
I used a ribbon for the hem and blind hemmed it (stay stitched) it to the dress.
Pretty excited to wear this masterpiece!