Sunday, 9 February 2014

5 bloggers Valentines ideas that are (just a bit) corny, but mostly amazing

I love the love that the crafty community displays over Valentines day! If you want to celebrate the day but not get caught up in the Hallmark Holiday vibe there are so many awesome DIYs!

I made my fella a bow-tie and some skinny ties, as believe it or not he wanted a tie to match a dress I'm wearing to a wedding on the 14th! I was all astonishment!
I'll do a post on the ties after he gets them:) 
But here are some blogs that really got into the hand-made holiday spirit and have some easy projects that you can whip up in the evenings before Friday!
1. Caroline from a blog Made Vibrant has wonderful *FREE* printable valentines cards
2. Amanda on Paper and Stitch has instructions on making Heart Shaped Peppermint patties
3. Vanessa on V and Co tells you how to make a gorgeous  French Knot Heart Pincushion
4. Kate from Sew Kate Sew has a little how-to for gorgeous Animal Pun Valentines cards
5. On Sew Mama Sew there's an easy DIY for Sewn Valentines day cards

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