Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bombshell Dress

This dress has been ... ongoing, I won't say how long ago I started it because I don't have to!
In case you didn't recognize the pattern its the lovely Bombshell dress from the Craftsy course by Gretchen Hirsch. Gertie certainly is a god of vintage sewing (well at least explaining it!).  I've learnt ever so many new (for me) methods typical of vintage clothes such as understitching, boning, slipstitching, zipperguards, waist stays, vents and more!
I used the excuse of a friends wedding to really put the hours into finishing this project and with 9 more days until the wonderful day,  I'm feeling excited about wearing it! (when I get the shoes and hat sorted!- February weddings in Dubbo are hot!!).
I had in mind a Tiki-like theme that would work well with the sarong style of the skirt and the cotton my Mum brought back from Japan for me :) ( of course it floral - I am that predictable!).  How 1950's is that! (Quite actually as I googled it ).
So what do you think? Some aspects I will definitely use again - those related to fitting the bodice were amazingly handy! - while I probably won't have the patience for popping in zipper guards again!
Now that its in the final push to being finished I'm already thinking of other fabric and skirt combinations I could use for a second! I must be a sucker for punishment.
 I'll save the pics of it on until I'm all frocked up for the wedding! Yey! looking forward to celebrating with the lovely couple ;)
Pretty button isn't it! Its a bone one my boy brought back from England! Keeping with the vintagey theme:)
This dress is almost prettier inside than outside! First waist-stay!

Inside of the vent- okay this was kinda messy...
I used a ribbon for the hem and blind hemmed it (stay stitched) it to the dress.
Pretty excited to wear this masterpiece!

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  1. Ok... stop teasing - where are the photos of the dress in action!?? x