Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Taking Stock (Feb 2014)

This is one of the homework assignments (Yep thats right, I'm learning lots about blogging!) dreamed up by the lovely Pip from such places as Blog with Pip and Meet me at Mikes.  Designed to as the title suggests to help us take stock of what we are up to, to find where to go!
Home made pastrami and no knead bread

Making : Pastrami and no Knead bread - love love love how easy it all is!
Cooking : Pretzels - and marvelling at the wonders of the Maillard reactions (so deliciously brown)
Drinking :  Delicious homebrew from a friend, yey for beer swaps!
Reading: The "Revenge of Geography" - gosh its a tough read! But I shall persevere 
Wanting: A vacuum sealer - so many fun projects in mind. Sous-vide'd everything!
Looking: At delicious designs on Pinterest
Playing: With ideas of fabric and dress patterns in my mind.
Deciding:  Whether to make lapsang souchong or oolong tea.
Wishing: I was more motivated to go and enjoy the sunshine!
Enjoying: Having time to myself before the PhD journey begins
Waiting: For the above mentioned PhD journey to begin
Liking: the Triple J hottest 100 playlists on Spotify
Wondering: why I have two different colours of nasturtiums in the garden
Loving: My little garden bursting into life
Considering: Whether to get a new bike - gosh damn those Tokyo Bikes are just so PRETTY
Watching: Downton Abbey (Yes Yes I'm behind, enjoying Season 2 so far!)
Hoping: to get away from Sydney early this afternoon- starting the journey to Dubbo
Needing: to step away from my sewing machine
Smelling: My neighbours bbq - smells like lamb :)
Wearing: A floral scout top I made earlier today - Love that pattern
Following:  so many new blogs from the wonderful ladies doing the Blog with Pip course
Noticing: that I only have really weird colours of nailpolish
Admiring: The patterns on Marimekko fabrics
Buying: some salad servers from dinosaur designs for a friend!
Disliking: having to clean the house... ha ha
Opening: Jars of yummy preserves my Mum made
Feeling: sore from a bike ride around that Bay Run I did yesterday.
Snacking: on the Bresaola I made 
Coveting: the Liberty fabric I got for Christmas
Wishing: I were more organised
Hearing:  Dirty Projectors - Love them so much!


  1. Love Downton Abbey, I was a bit slow to the party too and have only just finished Season 3, at least you wont have to wait too for the following seasons :-)

    1. I'll just have to be careful not to watch them all at once :)