Saturday, 8 March 2014

An amazing find...

We poppped into Reverse Garbage and the Bower at the Marrickville community center on Saturday... I love those places. It's so much fun trawling through the masses of ....stuff!  AND they were giving out delicious watermelon at the Bower!  I wanted to get some cool containers for some terrariums and to see if they had any pot saucers.
Jackpot! Not only did I find some glass dishes and some glass bowls but also these cutest little glazed ceramic dishes- and all for $10. How gorgeous would they be with bulbs in winter? In the meanwhile they make nice little homes for some succulent babies!

Little glazed pots - full of succulents
Had a nice morning of repotting ferns and succulents -  And here are the glass bowls.
Gave the garden some love- pumpkin flowers, germinating lettuce, aloe vera  taking off and disguised purple runner beans. 
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  1. How great are those purple beans....they are definitely going on my 'to plant' list! Would love to see pics of your terrariums when you've made them, Flick x

    1. The purple runner beans are certainly eye catching - and prolific! Lots of fun!

  2. Thanks for participating in the challenge! Those glazed pots are so cute - I want to go out and buy some now! Kitty @ Polka dots and frocks x