Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Circle Skirt loving

I have definitely had circle skirts on the mind! I'm seeing them everywhere -Short ones, colourful ones, pocketed ones, long ones, wool ones, patterned ones.
Some beauties from the Internet I documented below...
Sourced from: 
One: Pretty Partner Skirt from Modcloth
Two: Lucille Skirt by Sandra Murphy 
Three: Circle Skirts by Katy and Laney
Four: Organic Chambray Circle Skirt by Bow&Arrow
Five: Thrifted Black Circle skirt from Being Dana
Six: Blue Skirt by Heinui
Seven: Bright Floral Circle Skirt at Adored Vintage
Eight: Full Circle Skirt from Bombshells&Babes

I've had so little time for sewing and crafting that on Monday when I had a free evening I had a bit of a FRENZY! The thing I love the best about circle skirts are how damn quick they are to sew up!
Three hours later (judged by watching Frozen and an episode of Green Wing)  and the "The Circle Skirt of Awesome" was born- heres a taster :)
"The Circle Skirt of Awesome"
Theres so many amazing tutorials on making them -here- here- here-
 -or else you could do as I did and just wing it with good ol' C = pi x D
So excited about having a mostly free weekend - The boy will take some piccies and many more circle skirts to come! Yey!

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