Monday, 31 March 2014

Saturday Sewing Sessions

I cut out the top of this dress last Saturday - but then got distracted sewing a MAGNIFICENT jumpsuit to sleep in :) its certainly something else.
I finished it off today, in time to wear it out to dinner - Yey for impromptu date nights!  So what is this dress I hear you say?  I tried my hand at a vintage pattern a friend gave me.
And... Finished

Woops - Might have needed to press it!
Added a little patch for the bottom of the collar :)
I really love the cap sleeves on this dress,  Pretty happy with how my first punched pattern turned out!
I also learnt how to make thread belt loops - Yey!
Belt loops!
 I made just a few adjustments:
  • to the bust darts, goodness they had teeny tiny waists back in the day!)
  • I re-shaped the collar into a curve rather than point. 
  • Added a little patch at the bottom of the collar  
  • Using a different skirt (I cut up a dress I made last year that I never really wore, so I just popped that one on with an extra panel in the front)
  • Used a side invisible zipper - Still not sure what the pattern actually specified, the instructions were a tad scarce. 

And most importantly - It matches my helmet!

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