Monday, 17 March 2014

Weekends at Home

How precious are free weekends? We had such a lovely weekend at home- gardening, preserving, experimenting, cleaning (eurghh) and cooking.  After today at work I'm ready for the weekend all over again!
I went to a Honey tasting and bee-keeping workshop! YUM
Extracting honey from the combs- in a shiny shiny centrifuge!
The workshop was run by the Urban BeeHive! Pop over and have a look at the cool things they are doing in Sydney!
As well as making Lilli Pilli Jelly I also popped some preserved lemons on - Our tree is finally yellowing up!
And do you spy the hunk of ginger??? YEP WE GREW IT! first harvest - excitement plus!

Had a clean-up of our teeny tiny courtyard - we had to do some shuffling to make sure all our planters got sun AND rain!  

A nice little project - pesto spread - Great for using up basil prunings :) just a splash of lemon juice, a big splash of olive oil, a hunk of parmesan and a handful of almonds! YUM 
How pretty is our yellow nasturtium- It really likes our gas pipe!
And our passion fruit is flowering AGAIN  - I can never get over how lovely their flowers are! 
What did you get up to?

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