Monday, 14 April 2014

Circle skirt sessions

You might remember the other week that I mentioned I had been making circle skirts? Well the pics have finally been taken! What do you think?
They certainly fill a definite gap in my wardrobe (lots of pencil skirts in there) and best of all are so uber easy to make!  They can be really really long, or really really short - I went for the more work friendly options!
All you need is some geometry, a zipper, lots of thread and patience for the hem, and your done!

Turn Turn Turn

Studying hard
More twirling!
Its soooooooo Big!
 Have you been sucked into a similar circle skirt making frenzy?? Have you escaped yet??


  1. I love the length of the last one. Feel inspired now.

    1. I wore the long one to work yesterday and had lots of fun flouncing around:)

  2. Circle skirts are high on my list for this summer. Yours are lovely - brilliant fabrics!