Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pickled Young Ginger

So you know how I was going on about Anthocyanins and Quinces the other day - well the former made a delightful re-occurence - In ginger!
I dug up some young ginger the other day from our wee garden (it loves Sydney - put it in some pots now!),  as I had some extra left over from my soup (gingery pumpkin yum!) I realised I could have a go at making the japanese style pickled ginger
This little yumminess you have with sushi etc , aka Gari is horrendously easy to make  (at least how I made it is!).  After slicing it finely just pop some vinegar in (white vinegar so you don't add in any extra flavours) and the lovely pink colour will develop as the anthocyanins are formed.
Easy Pickled Ginger!
Other recipes (here and here) make a pickling solution with vinegar, sugar and water- But I don't think it needs the extra sweetness as it packs a refreshing punch!

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