Sunday, 6 April 2014

Winifred Dress

So I'm definitely having a frenzy for collared dresses at the moment - See here and here!
When I first saw this pattern - I loved it - but was scared off by having to do a SBA. (Bluegingerdoll patterns are sized for a D cup - great for those bigger busted gals who are regularly left out from the big 3 pattern companies)
However I was following the Facebook sewalong group and I saw that Abby had uploaded a pretty awesome bust adjustment tutorial- So of course I changed my mind immediately and bought the pattern pdf!
What followed next was 3 hours of frustration - (that could easily have been avoided if I had thought about what I was doing!)
I found what size I was based on my bust measurement - an 8 ( first mistake), however I'm a B rather than a D so I decided to do a 5/8 inch small bust adjustment.
All went smoothly the pattern looked good- then I tried on the Muslin. I got it on (just) but literally had to cut my way out of it!  Because (as you all would have worked out instantly!) you can't pick your size based on your bust if your going to adjust it smaller!  
Next approach was to pick my size based on my bust size + how much I was going to take out in the SBA (as it obviously should have been done in the first place!). 
Armed with a size 12 instead, SBA was completed, muslin fitted perfectly and 2 hours later the dress was sewed up and done!!
Moral of the story.... Think think think about the adjustments before you start! But at least now I know how to do a SBA! Thanks Abby! 
Winifred dress and me squinting into the sun!
What do you think? This fabric is tonnes of fun! I wouldn't normally be drawn to the pattern and colours- but my housemate bought it (and 30m of other fabric home from her travels ) - best housemate ever- and it seemed perfect!
If you look close enough - the belt matches the spots!
What a nice and perky collar!

Back waistline shirring!
An awesome pattern, and awesomely comfortable dress to wear - Bluegingerdoll I am a fan!


  1. You look stunning in that outfit :)

  2. I love your version, and the fabric is perfect!