Sunday, 4 May 2014

Low waisted dresses from Drape Drape

Do you have a favourite dress to make? One that's quick to sew and fun to wear?
My boyfriend gave me the first two Drape Drape books by Hisako Sato for Christmas last year, straight away I loved this pattern - Isn't it pretty? Its definitely made it into my top 3 - possibly the top- dress patterns to sew!
Dress no. 3 from Drape Drape book 1. 
I love how interesting the Drape Drape patterns are! This dress is made all from a single piece of fabric- doesn't it look strange! 
I made a few variations to the original pattern - If the fabric is stretchy enough you won't need a zipper, whilst a bit of length is needed to be added to make it work appropriate :) 
I made a large (teeny tiny Japanese patterns) and it sits well (and is delightfully roomy around the tummy for dessert!) if being a tad short.
So far I've made two for me - and one for a friend!
Isn't it a crazy pattern?!

 What's your favourite pattern?

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