Thursday, 22 May 2014

Marvellous Mabel from Colette patterns.

In light of my recent fabric haul from Tessuti's I was considering how to draft a pattern for a simple stretch skirt , panels or darts that was the question! - After lots of umms and ahhing and google searches I gave into the gorgeousness that is Colette patterns (again!).
The Mabel skirt pattern is horrendously easy - after buying the pattern (Love the electronic versions), printing it, sticking it together and cutting it out (30 mins).  It only took another hour to make a practice version- before I cut into my fabric of all loveliness. 

Pretty skirts!
The practice skirt came up really well - But i'm glad i practiced, I did most of the seams on my overlocker- except for joining the waistband facing to the waistband, I did on my machine, using the recommended settings in the Colette knit book.  The stitches broke when I put it on, so I top stitched with a wider zig-zag and it was much happier! So check your machines settings!
Practice skirt - A pretty thick 4-way stretch!
Then I just into this lovely fabric - Its an Italian print from tessuti (I loved loved loved it!), the fabric is only 2 way stretch (no idea what it is - probably a tencil/lyocell type of synthetic!).  So happy with how it turned out! Now I just need some beige shirts with floral collars and Ill be like a garden :) 
Yep - Blurry photo alert! Love this skirt though!
Eeeek! So much foliage!

The word on the blogosphere is that Colette patterns is doing a week long Mabel sewalong - I really like the look of the pencil skirt with the kick pleat - Would a red one be too bold?

Here is a lovely version from Giddy Davies as seen on Flickr - She has some beautiful Moneta versions too - Go and have a look a her stuff!

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