Sunday, 22 June 2014


Since its been about a month since I last posted, what have I been up to ?

 PhD Progress Reviews & Marking  (they deserve the capitalisation!)

Its calmed down a bit this week and I set some evenings aside for some sneaky sewing - I'm getting much better with only sewing for a few hours - Otherwise I tend to frenzy and end up finishing a dress at 4am in the morning - he finish is as you guessed.. not great!

I've been making the Flora dress - two versions at once, because... that's how I role? - I saw this dress on another sewing blog and decided I really like the idea -

I'm quite flat up top I think the original flora wrap top would look a bit odd. I made the modified version out of a beautifully soft chambray (with polka dots!) from Tessuti.  The other dress I'm really excited about - I got this fabric from Fabric-a-brac! 3m of it (just enough as its quite narrow!)
I modified both bodice patterns with a 1 inch SBA  (I'm getting quite good at them I think! - Thanks Bluegingerdoll)

I made the straps out of a matching beige silk - and lined it with (synthetic as it turned out) satiny fabric.  I found out it was synthetic, when I melted the corner of it just as I had finished joining the lining to the zip (hence the label covering the hole - Oh Ruth...)

And an action shot! 
Yes its really cold at the moment! No pics without tights for the next few months! 
 What has June brought for you so far? 

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