Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ring your Bell

Wanna see my new baby?
She is soooooooo beautiful it hurts!
We have decided to call her "Dijonnaise" - But only if you say it with a bogan accent. 
A shout out to Tokyo Bikes is definitely deserved - I know I should have done more research, as this was only the second brand I test rode but I am sooo happy with my choice!.  The first one brand I rode was so disappointing (rusty chain, poorly adjusted brakes, reallllly heavy bike) the moment I got on a Tokyo bike - It was sold! Its been about a month and I'm still in love! I've been commuting everyday and its a joy to ride! (and gets lots of comments from other cyclists!).  The guys at the store, helped fit my lights and my heavy duty lock and there's a free first service at the 3 month mark to tighten up the cables.
Tokyo bikes are targeted as an inner city commuting bike- Road tyres, light frame, but also smaller wheels to make for a faster acceleration! Its really responsive and maneuverable! As I got a medium frame (they have S, M and L) it looks pretty good with the smaller wheels - the large frame looks a bit odd I think.

On another note - I'm loving the work of Sydney Cycleways at the moment! Doing some great work encouraging more people to get on their bikes ;)

Who doesn't love a pretty poster?!
In celebration of some new bike paths that have been just opened in Redfern we went to an event the other weekend, Mmm so much coffee! (Yes it was kinda cold!). 

Mmmm -  pedal your own smoothies

Yey! Smooth new bike path
 How great are fenders!, I've been riding through puddles on purpose and no dresses stuck in the wheels for me...yet.


  1. Love your new bike Ruth! It's beautiful. I'm so jealous hehe. Viv x

  2. It's lovely! And love the name. I agree with the fenders, are they wonderful, changed my bike riding habits when I got a new bike a few years ago, her name is Nancy ;-)