Monday, 4 August 2014

Local is Lovely

Flash back to the Lamb and Quince sausage rolls        
The book up for a newly formed cookbook club was Sarah Hansens Local is Lovely! Very apt as most of the club members went to school in Orange, near where Sarah is based. Conveniently I already had the book, but I had only made one recipe!  - Lamb and quince sausage rolls! Om nom nom.

I decided to start out easy and just try two recipes this month (maybe I'll sneak another later).

The first was Goats Cheese Fritters.
Mmm ricotta'ry goodness - and ever so easy to make!
When I worked in the lab, it was readily acknowledged that if you wanted to make a batch of chemicals, not to let the chemist do it.. As they will invariably chop and change the method and ingredients, ending up with something totally different.... This is me in the kitchen!
Predictably I'm hopeless at baking, where you actually do need to follow the recipes (or just be brilliant ... that's not me)
This recipe was actually nice and robust, able to withstand my tampering!
I decided to make my ricotta - so I used however much 2L of milk makes, I guessing it was the same magnitude as 250g!
The other variation was using Panko crumbs instead of normal breadcrumbs - we always seem to have heaps in the cupboard... very weird! This was also my first adventure with shallow frying - I discovered that shallow frying is better done in a frying pan rather than a heavy pot... yes it seems obvious now.

Also that it helps to swish the pan a bit so they don't stick (you also feel like a chef when you do it!).
Et voila - fried cheese what could be better?

The second recipe that I tried out was the Honey and Harissa Chicken Legs (sans minted yoghurt sauce because I forgot!).  As suggested by the ever organised Claire, I made the marinade the night before so I could just pop it in the oven when I got home!  Didn't plan on only getting home at 8:30 so dinner was a 'tad' late.
I mixed up some cous-cous with garden greens as the book recommended for a side.  
This recipe would be pretty easy to pimp with some preserved lemons or maybe a salsa verde? It needed a bit of acid to cut through the richness (I suppose that's what the yoghurt sauce supplied) but a splash of lemon was pretty good! The curdling of the yoghurt in the marinade when cooked was a bit odd in appearance but it tasted nice so that's all that's important.

So that's my contribution - Have you tried out any recipes in the book? 

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