Saturday, 20 September 2014

Quick sews: Matilda leggings

I ordered the most ridiculously bright jersey on a whim from Darn Cheap Fabric. Its quite thick and turned out to be even brighter than I thought it would be!
I've been a bit stuck with pants to wear when biking.  After scraping the backs of my legs quite deeply with the pedals (so un-coordinated!) I will always wear long pants, so I only really have one pair of stretchy jeans that I commute in.  I found the Sewloft Matilda leggings pattern in one of my internet frenzies and best yet IT'S FREE!!
I stuck together, cut out pattern, cut out the fabric, sewed it up and made much needed butt adjustments in all of about 3 hours!
It turns out my rear is much larger than the pattern is based on, I added another band that I tapered down to only 1cm around the front and up to 8 cm at the back.
I quite like what it looks like actually, so next time I make this pattern (yes there will be a next time!) I'll have to decide wether to alter the back inseam height or just add another band... Hmm.
As I serged most of the seams, I top stitched the seam of the extra band down so it sat nicely.
What do you think?  Can I wear these in public?

Too bright for public outings? They would match my bike :) 

Butt band! This fabric is actually awesome as it hides details well in its busy-ness!

Yep - This is a particularly unflattering angle - However now you can see my top stitching and the extra butt band :)   - And also how well they match my ugg boots !
I'm not usually a pink person,, so it seems this week is not usual! Pretty ranunculi from our garden and wild roses from Rookwood cemetery. 


  1. I just made this pattern yesterday too! Although in a not-nearly-so-fun basic black. I also found the rise in the back to be really low even though I don't have much booty. I thought it might be because my fabric didn't have much vertical stretch, but maybe I need to adjust the inseam as well. You should definitely wear these in public!! With the matching headband too! I love it. Blind people with your technicolor awesomeness!

  2. Hey dear!! I loved your leggings. They look wonderful and stylish. I am wearing pattern leggings and t-shirts while doing gym training. They are so relaxing and comfortable to wear. My sister is not happy with quality of her workout tights. Will recommend her these leggings.