Sunday, 28 September 2014

Strathcona T-shirt by Threadtheory designs

How awesome is jersey? The cows, the caramels, not so sure about the state - but the fabric sure is smashing! 
I've been frenzying a bit since working out my woes with my serger - I think its a bit racist, it only works with the white thread I have- the black thread always snaps and snags, the weird thing is that its the same brand... 
I went through my wardrobe the other day (working my way through the Colette wardrobe Architect series) and found I have masses of fixing to do... so rather than do that, I decided to sew a t-shirt for the boy. 
He chose some fabric, all in much more boring colours than I would choose! He totally refused the amazing orange jersey I found :( 
But I did get some colour in with the first t-shirt I made him! Yey I'm happy! Even if its only a pocket....

I used Threadtheories Strathcona Henley pattern (but made variation 2, not the Henley). 
I cut a large, and was a bit nervous that it wouldn't fit when I tried it on myself! Its quite a narrow cut!  
But it fits him perfectly!  It really is a fitted style, so next time I might flair it out a bit if he wants. 
I also shortened the sleeves by about 3 inches and the hem by 2 inches!   AND added a pocket! I was a bit worried about the colour of the fabric being too close to his skin colour! You know those colours when you have to look twice to make sure someones actually wearing a shirt! Lucky he's pale after those years working full time :) .  One of his RTW shirts has a pocket on it, and I really love the contrast - As he didn't refuse directly,  I quickly pulled out some of the liberty fabric fat quarters I had for him to choose! 
Wooo he picked the one I thought was the best! ANIMALS (with suitcases!)  
Now what other versions should I make? 
Ahh liberty fabric loving
Pretty excited about how professional the double needle makes the finishing look!
Ah ha! Begrudgingly taken on my model :) 

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