Monday, 20 October 2014

Colette Clovers

Hows everyone in internet land?
I'ts been a few weeks since I last posted and in that time some outfits popped into existence from my sewing machine.
I'm always certainly a bit behind the times when it comes to trends in fashion... But I think I got in on the tail end of this one..
Really bright pants!
Colette clovers
This is only my second pair of Clovers -I altered the pattern to fit me about 2 years ago. I hoped it was still the right size, (just incase I cut it out with extra seam allowances!). It was pretty good with some back darts added in!
Is it just me or is it ridiculously hard to find Clover appropriate fabric? Thick (interesting) and with just the right amount of stretch??
I dislike (as much as one can dislike) buying fabric from Lincraft and Spotlight, it always seems to be a bit shit quality. However they do have that perfect mix of cotton and lycra!
Can you justify using fabric that won't last for years?
<the top in the pic is a pretty lace one I also made yonks ago- I love that I can tuck the lining into my pants (no coin slot for me!) and the lace edging floats over the top of my pants >
They do match everything! Sooo many colours!
And yes! These are bike friendly:)

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