Sunday, 7 June 2015

Me-Made-May 2015 summing up.

We made it! I went everyday in May wearing at least one "me-made" item (admittedly one was a self made bra - but it still counts... no?)
It was actually a kind of challenging month as I spent most of the days in the lab- hence my usual skirts and dresses had to stay in my closet! 
My colette clovers got a good workout- however I really need to make them longer, as cropped pants and safety boots look weird (admittedly safety boots look weird with most things!)
My black scarf necked cardy and ridiculously colourful Linden top (pattern) also had numerous repeats. 
Whilst I noted a massive demand for more netties in my life (wardrobe), Possibly in more neutral colours,  you may have noticed my love of all things bright- Makes me a bit fluorescent sometimes...
But the winners were my ooh la leggings- I wore them most days as I rode to work or played netball (and even wore them as pants a few times 😉).   These remain unblogged, as I made two pairs in april (and have been slack lately in the blogging department)
I'm trying to work out what fabric to make them out of next as its quite a quick fun sew - but I don't really need 3 pairs!!
How did your MM-May go?
Recognise this fabric?  This pair fits so much better than the other pattern I used

I made these out of a poly/wool blend from The Fabric Store that was on special... Ridiculously cosy!


  1. Congratulations on making it through Me Made May! It was my first time participating and I really enjoyed it. I just bought the Ooh la leggings pattern so I'm looking forward to seeing your post about them :)


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