Monday, 20 July 2015

Ooh la la ... what fab leggings!

I love this pattern! Evident through the large number I've made- I think the count is at 5 at the moment, with at least 3 more planned.  Don't worry they aren't all for me! Like all Papercut patterns they come together easily, with nice and clear instructions! 
I really recommend this pattern (All of the Papercut ones really!) 

I started off with a pair in an amazingly warm wool/polyester stretch jersey that was on special at The Fabric Store.  The fabric looks kinda weird actually - shiny on one side - with a really obvious "grain?" on the other, but its super warm and has enough thickness to it that you don't have VPL - happy days :) . 
Next up was a mid-length pair of course in a ridiciculously bright fabric - This was alot firmer, but still fitted really well . Both pairs have got ALOT of wear, so when my sister mentioned she needed more tights/pants .... BAM... I made her two ... and myself one more ;) 
The pair for me was out of (an even firmer) ponte from spotlight -  with hindsight its probably too stiff for sports pants, but I was going for more of a workpants kinda vibe, and also widened the ankles so it still is a win in my books!
I also have lots more requests/wants so have some fabric lined up!  

I wear these ALL THE TIME -  in fact I'm wearing them right now as I'm typing ;) 
The bright pair clashes beautifully with my rain jacket!
And I think the topstitching in yellow is awesome
MUSTARD - because why not!
Stack of tights! The top two are for my sis -  another in the grey wool/poly and a navy ponte.

If you squint you may notice the back two (for my sister) have low fronts -  I tried to make them maternity friendly! I'll get her to report back how they are going! 

MORE! going for more ridiculously bright fabrics this time!